Quantitative receptor analysis group

Introduction of the research group



  • Ágnes Szabó, PhD, research fellow
  • Tamás Kovács, MD, PhD, assistant lecturer
  • Gyula Batta, PhD, assistant professor
  • Tímea Hajdu, PhD, research fellow
  • Tímea Szendi-Szatmári, PhD, research fellow
  • Ágnes Batta, PhD student
  • Tayde Gabriela Serrano Cano, PhD student
  • Máté Szabó, PhD student
  • Rita Utasi-Szabó, laboratory assistant

Former members of the group

Research projects

1. Clustering of ErbB proteins

2. The effect of the lipid environment of the cell membrane on the clustering and cell biological function of membrane proteins

3. Medical implications of the cell membrane and membrane lipids

4. Methodological developments related to fluorescence labeling of cells and Förster resonance energy transfer


Representative publications

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