Department meeting schedule 2022-2023. academic year, 2nd semester

2022-2023. academic year, 2nd semester

Every Tuesday, LSB F003-004

Date Principal investigator Lecturer Lecture Title Type
14 February 2023.    Dr. György Vereb      EDUCATION
21 February 2023.  Dr. György Panyi   Jesus Angel Borrego Terrazas Recombinant Expression in Pichia pastoris System of Kv1.3 Channel Blockers research
28 February 2023.  Dr. György Vereb   Lőrinc Nagy High-affinity streptavidin redirected universal CAR T cells targeted with biotinylated trastuzumab can eliminate HER2+ tumors in vitro, yet toxic in vivo research
07 March 2023. Dr. György Panyi   Dr. Tibor G. Szántó  Brain storm II. - The rescue research
14 March 2023. Dr. Zoltán Varga  Dr. Ferenc Papp Fluorescence brainstorming research
21 March 2023.  Dr. Katalin Goda  Dr. Katalin Goda  Three stories about ABC proteins research
28 March 2023. Dr. László Mátyus “Debrecen Award for Molecular Medicine” Professor Dame Frances Ashcroft (University of Oxford, UK)
Title: "Metabolic regulation of insulin secretion in health and disease"
04 April 2023. Dr. Gábor Szabó Ibtissem Benhamza Epigenetic modulation involving the C-terminal tail of H2A.Z research 
11 April 2023.  Dr. György Panyi   Umair Naseem  Studying interactions between peptide toxins and their receptors at the molecular level preparing for PhD defense
18 April 2023.  Dr. György Vámosi   Dr. Bálint Rehó    Magreceptorok kölcsönhatásainak vizsgálata modern fluoreszcencia mikroszkópiás eszközökkel (Hungarian) preparing for PhD defense
25 April 2023.  Dr. Péter Nagy Gabriela Serrano Effect of Erbb2 Missense Mutations on Dimer Formation research
02 May 2023.  Dr. Péter Nagy  Dr. Péter Nagy  Estimation of the required sample size research
09 May 2022. Dr. Zoltán Varga Dr. Florina Zákány Veklury® (remdesivir) formulations inhibit initial membrane-coupled events of SARS-CoV-2 infection due to their sulfobutylether-β-cyclodextrin content research
16 May 2023.  Dr. György Vámosi Dr. Julianna Volkó / Dr. Éva Hegedüs   research
23 May 2023.    EXAM PERIOD    
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