Ion Channel Structure -Function Research Group

Head of the group

  • Zoltan Varga, PhD, DSc



  • Zoltan Varga, PhD, DSc, full professor
  • Ferenc Papp, PhD, assistant professor
  • Florina Zákány M.D., PhD, assistant professor
  • Bence Cs. Szabó, M.D., PhD student
  • Ádám Fehér, M.D, PhD student
  • Mr. Domingos Geraldo, MSc, PhD student
  • Mr. Teklu Teshome Russo, MSc, PhD student 
  • Mr. Shahrukh Husain, MSc, PhD student
  • Ms. Amna Sami M. Al Olaimi, laboratory technician


The following voltage-gated ion channel related topics are investigated by our group

Recent publications

  • 1. Balajthy A, Hajdu P, Panyi G, Varga Z. Sterol Regulation of Voltage-Gated K+ Channels.
    CURRENT TOPICS IN MEMBRANES 80:255-292. (2017)
  • 2. Zhu W, Voelker TL, Varga Z, Schubert AR, Nerbonne JM, Silva JR. Mechanisms of noncovalent β subunit regulation of NaV channel gating.
    JOURNAL OF GENERAL PHYSIOLOGY, 2017 Jul 18. pii: jgp.201711802. doi: 10.1085/jgp.201711802.
  • 3. Tomczak AP1, Fernández-Trillo J1, Bharill S2,3, Papp F4,5, Panyi G4,5, Stühmer W6, Isacoff EY2,3, Pardo LA7. A new mechanism of voltage-dependent gating exposed by KV10.1 channels interrupted between voltage sensor and pore.
    JOURNAL OF GENERAL PHYSIOLOGY. 2017 May 1;149(5):577-593.
  • 4. Pajtás D, Kónya K, Kiss-Szikszai A, Džubák P, Pethő Z, Varga Z, Panyi G, Patonay T. Optimization of the Synthesis of Flavone-Amino Acid and Flavone-Dipeptide Hybrids via Buchwald-Hartwig Reaction.
    JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 82(9):4578-4587, (2017)
  • 5. Hsu EJ, Zhu W, Schubert AR, Voelker T, Varga Z, Silva JR. Regulation of Na+ Channel Inactivation by the DIII and DIV Voltage-Sensing Domains
    JOURNAL OF GENERAL PHYSIOLOGY 149(3):389-403, (2017)
  • 6. Petho Z, Balajthy A, Bartok A, Bene K, Somodi S, Szilagyi O, Rajnavolgyi E, Panyi G, Varga Z. The anti-proliferative effect of cation channel blockers in T lymphocytes depends on the strength of mitogenic stimulation.
    IMMUNOLOGY LETTERS 171: pp. 60-69. (2016)
  • 7. Balajthy A, Somodi S, Pethő Z, Péter M, Varga Z, Szabó GP, Paragh G, Vígh L, Panyi G, Hajdu P
    7DHC-induced changes of Kv1.3 operation contributes to modified T cell function in Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome.
    PFLUGERS ARCHIV 468(8):1403-18, (2016)
  • 8. Feher K, Timari I, Rakosi K, Szolomajer J, Illyes T, Bartok A, Varga Z, Panyi G, Toth G, Kover K
    Probing pattern and dynamics of disulfide bridges using synthesis and NMR of an ion channel blocker peptide toxin with multiple diselenide bonds.
    CHEMICAL SCIENCE 7:(4) pp. 2666-2673. (2016)
  • 9. Zhu W, Varga Z, Silva J R. Molecular motions that shape the cardiac action potential: Insights from voltage clamp fluorometry
  • 10. Bartok A, Feher K, Bodor A, Rakosi K, Toth GK, Kover KE, Panyi G, Varga Z. An engineered scorpion toxin analogue with improved Kv1.3 selectivity displays reduced conformational flexibility.
    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 5: p. 18397. (2015)
  • 11. Varga Z, Zhu W, Schubert AR, Pardieck JL, Krumholz A, Hsu EJ, Zaydman MA, Cui J, Silva JR
    Direct Measurement of Cardiac Na+ Channel Conformations Reveals Molecular Pathologies of Inherited Mutations.
  • 12. Bartok A, Toth A, Somodi S, Szanto TG, Hajdu P, Panyi G, Varga Z
    Margatoxin is a non-selective inhibitor of human Kv1.3 K+ channels.
    TOXICON 87:6-16. (2014)
  • 13. Rudokas MW, Varga Z, Schubert AR, Asaro AB, Silva JR. The Xenopus Oocyte Cut-open Vaseline Gap Voltage-clamp Technique With Fluorometry.
    JOURNAL OF VISUALIZED EXPERIMENTS N/A:(85) pp. N/A-N/A.  doi: 10.3791/51040. (2014)
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