Core Facility - User guidelines


  • Only authorized and trained Users are allowed to use the Equipment in the Core Facility!
  • Users need to attend an instrument specific training program before being allowed to sign up to use the equipment independently.
  • All users must register before they can use the online booking system: Link
  • We have an online scheduling system for all major equipment. The system can be found by following link: Link
  • You can cancel your own reservations within two hours of the start of the session
  • Try to only reserve time that you know you can properly use and let us know if you have to cancel with at short notice so that we can open up the time for others to use.

Equipment Malfunctions:
  • Do not attempt to fix any equipment problems, regardless how small or insignificant they may appear.
  • Contact the staff and they will rectify the problem or will contact the appropriate service enggeners. 
Last update: 2023. 06. 21. 12:07